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Today’s Media Alerts Bulletin: 13 May 2021; first since Monday

To Note (if/as needed):

  • The MDT Bill’s fate will continue to be played out in the Legislative Assembly – expected back in there this arvo. 
  • ISDA: The Perth to Sydney Service Dogs fundraiser we have sponsored will be completed on Saturday. 
  • Next week – on Weds 19 May residents of NSW are encouraged to wear something orange to recognise their local NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) volunteers.
  • International Nurses Day yesterday: Social posts were put up on Twitter and Facebook recalling the event we coordinated one year ago outside St Vincent’s Hospital. 

Media Monitoring – see additions below 
highlight denotes if PANSW mention or appearance

  • Various: MDT Bill in the bearpit
  • Various: PTSD compensation for Qld first responders
  • Various: Singleton Police Station
  • 7 News/ 10 News: Kokaua inquest
  • 9 News: Police have been slammed for going after a Sydney mother
  • The Guardian: Queensland police discriminated against 200 potential male recruits in favour of women, report finds
  • SMH: Jack Kokaua died from heart condition after being Tasered and held down by police, Coroner finds
  • 2GB: ‘You’ll never be premier!’ – Jodi McKay blasted for ‘deserting’ frontline workers
  • 3AW: (VIC) Police stuff-up accidentally encourages officers working in quarantine to use public transport
  • Tele/ Northern Star: Former Northern Rivers magistrate slams current drug laws as ‘catastrophic’ for our community
  • AAP: NT brings in tough youth justice laws
  • Tele/ Mcarthur Chronicle: Convicted fraudster Clare Dacich claims police officer is out to get her, court
  • The Guardian: New mental health clinics for over-25s and National Suicide Prevention Office announced in Australian budget
  • The Australian: Unions watchdog to get teeth sharpened
  • 2GB: Ben Fordham blasts ‘flog’ mocking NSW police officer
  • Tele: NSW courts finally get tough on sex offenders as conviction rates rise
  • Sky News: Police forces in remote communities need to be ‘properly supported and funded’ – Jacinta Price
  • Sky News: ‘Abusive culture’ building against police has ‘showed its ugly face’
  • Daily Mail BS: Bumbag-wearing Range Rover driver mocks a cop for making ‘$55,000 a year’

Media Activity log – calls, responses

  • Media responses on MDT Bill story with 7 News, 9 News, Tele, 2SM 

Social media posts

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