2GB: ‘You’ll never be premier!’ – Jodi McKay blasted for ‘deserting’ frontline workers

AUDIO: https://omny.fm/shows/the-ray-hadley-morning-show/youll-never-be-premier-jodi-mckay-blasted-for-dese

and https://omny.fm/shows/the-ray-hadley-morning-show/police-association-nsw-lead-organiser-jon-goddard

Ray Hadley has called out NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay for failing to support mandatory disease testing for people who spit on or bite emergency service workers.

Ms McKay had previously expressed her support for the legislation, but new amendments put forward by Labor have been accused of defeating the purpose of the bill.

“Police in this state will never forget the treachery of the ALP,” Ray declared.

“Jodi, you’ll never be premier of NSW!

“There wouldn’t be a doctor or a nurse, copper or a firie, or anyone associated with emergency services that will ever vote for you again as a party.

“You’ve deserted them when they needed your support! On that rock you’ll perish.”

Police Association NSW lead organiser Jon Goddard told Ray the amendments caught them off guard.

“Jodi’s made a decision to appease the radical left.

“Her legacy will be choosing those people over the workers of this state.”

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