Daily Mail: Shocking moment policeman kicks a distressed 17-year-old boy – Bankstown

WITH VIDEO: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9548447/Bankstown-Sydney-Moment-policeman-kicks-17-year-old-boy-sits-ground-handcuffs.html

Shocking footage shows a policeman kicking a 17-year-old boy while he was sitting handcuffed in a driveway officers broke down his mother’s door to arrest him.

The 17-year-old was arrested in Bankstown in Sydney’s south-west after allegedly attacking his mother in the doorway of their home about 7am on Thursday morning.

He was hit with a domestic violence assault charge, along with breaching his bail and AVO offences

The family’s lawyer Adam Houda told Daily Mail Australia police broke down her door after witnessing the alleged assault and then arrested the teenager in the driveway. 

The teenager’s mother could be heard frantically  telling police her son ‘didn’t touch me’ and filmed the door broken off its hinges.

She then pleaded for officers to stop after one of them kicked her son’s left leg out from underneath him while he was sitting on the ground in the rain.

‘Stop hitting him – you can’t just hit him like that,’ the mother told police seconds after the kick.

In a separate part of the video, the mother insisted to a female officer that her son had done nothing wrong.

‘He can’t assault you,’ the police officer said.

The mother replied: ‘He didn’t touch me. He was giving you the pen to sign the paperwork.’

The boy can be heard yelling at police and calling them ‘f***ing dogs’ during footage of the arrest

Mr Houda said the 17-year-old suffered from a mental illness.

The lawyer said officers first turned up at the Bankstown home at 4am on Thursday for an unrelated matter but no-one answered the door.

He said they returned at 7am and the mother opened the door, with police allegedly seeing her son assault her when he tried to tell her to come back inside.

‘When they knocked on the door the son was saying “come back into the house” and it was at that point they allege he assaulted her,’ the lawyer said.

Mr Houda said he would be seeking damages from police on behalf of the boy.

‘It’s shocking – it’s absolutely shocking. It’s not a good look for New South Wales Police,’ he said.

‘How many cops were there and the kids is lying on the ground fully handcuffed.’

Mr Houda said the teenager was also ‘crying to the police’ to remove the handcuffs as they were causing him distress.  

NSW Police said officers from Bankstown attended the home and arrested the 17-year-old boy over an alleged domestic violence related assault, along with breaching his bail and an AVO. 

‘The teen was taken to Bankstown Police Station where he was charged with assault (domestic violence), hindering police in execution of duty, and the breaching of bail and AVO offences,’ it said.

The boy was refused bail to appear in children’s court tomorrow. 

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