Various: Officer charged with allegedly assaulting Aboriginal teen

Tele: NSW Police officer charged over alleged Surry Hills Indigenous teen assault

A NSW Police officer has been charged with assault after he was filmed arresting a teenager in Surry Hills last year where the boy’s feet were allegedly knocked from under him.

The constable was placed on restrictive duties after footage of the arrest in Eddie Ward Ave on June 1 went viral.

Police began an internal investigation into the incident and on Tuesday the junior officer was issued with a court attendance notice charging him with assault occasioning bodily harm and common assault.

A police officer has been charged after a video of the arrest went viral last year.

He has been ordered to appear in court next month and his employment is now under review.

During the video of the alleged assault there was an exchange between the officer and the alleged 17-year old victim, an Indigenous male, who is heard to make a comment about cracking someone across the jaw.

The police officer is then seen to move in, spin the teenager around and use his feet to knock the alleged victim’s feet from beneath him, making him fall to the ground.

The boy was then handcuffed with the assistance of a female officer.

The officer is due to appear before Downing Centre Local Court on June 24.

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