Sky News/ Paul Murray: Left wing ‘fundamentally undermining confidence’ in the police is ‘very bad for the West’


The left wing project of the last 12 months has been to “fundamentally undermine confidence” in the police force, and it has been “very bad” for western society, according to Sky News host Paul Murray.

“Particularly to see how this poison has been fed to students,” he said. “It comes via posters in classrooms, via artworks in public galleries, all of which here – in Australia – take on the worst screaming points of the mobs in the United States.

“All of this of course adds up to a lack of respect for authority, a lack of respect that can show itself in many different ways.”

Mr Murray said the number of police officers in New South Wales alone who are assaulted while doing their job is “the best part of seven officers every day”. “Thankfully Australia has not hit the crazy levels of the United States,” he said.

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