Tele/ The Snitch: Police hierarchy


A postponed retirement has set off a powerful game of musical chairs in the NSW Police with speculation about Commissioner Mick Fuller’s next career move.

Now this gets complicated, but just hear us out.

Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys was meant to retire from the police force mid-year, alongside fellow Deputy Commissioner Jeff Loy. That freed up two of the four senior positions, which were advertised earlier this year.

While a handful of worthy assistant commissioners were interviewed, the money is on Mick Willing and Karen Webb to land the promotions.

But it’s now emerged Worboys has agreed to hold off on riding into the sunset until the end of the year. Snitch has confirmed he will act in his role as State Emergency Operations Controller while the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues.

But what does this all really mean in the gossip-fuelled world of police politics?

Well, it has long been rumoured Fuller would be a one-term leader by choice.

His bid to join the Australian Rugby League Commission board was kiboshed by the government in February and there is now speculation he could dive into the rugby league world once his contractual shackles are off.

Some sources have suggested October, after the NRL season finishes, will be when Fuller makes a call on his future.

But, privately, Fuller has indicated he wants to be Commissioner in 2022.

If he did step aside early, Worboys, a steady hand with 39 years’ experience, could warm the seat until there is a permanent appointment.

Senior sources said it was unlikely Worboys would throw his hat in the ring for the top job, leaving the deputy commissioners to plead their cases.

Got that? We said it was complicated.

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