4BC (QLD): Body cams push complaints against police to five-year low

(20 April) Queensland Police are on track to record the lowest number of complaints against officers in the past five years. 

Complaints peaked in 2017, when just under 2000 were recorded.

This year, figures are projected to come in closer to 1100.

General President and CEO of the Queensland Police Union Ian Leavers told Scott Emerson he attributes a portion of the change to wearing body cameras.

“It gives members of the community confidence things are being recorded,” he said.

“Things are being recorded, everything is as it is, but it’s also protecting police against false and vexatious complaints.

“That evidence is invaluable and shows it how it is and the actions of the police at the time.”

AUDIO: https://omny.fm/shows/the-scott-emerson-drive-show/body-cams-create-five-year-low-in-complaints-again

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