2GB: Lindfield Learning Village controversy – Fordham and Hadley

2GB/ Fordham: Minister calls for primary school sacking over ‘brainwashing’ anti-police posters

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The NSW Police Minister has accused a primary school of “brainwashing” students, and called for the teacher’s sacking, after anti-police posters were produced.

The Education Minister has ordered a review into Black Lives Matter posters created by students and displayed at a primary school on the North Shore.

The Daily Telegraph uncovered placards from Year 5 and 6 students at Lindfield Learning Village with the phrases “Stop Killer Cops” and “Pigs out of the Country”.

Police Minister David Elliott told Ben Fordham the teacher responsible should be sacked.

“This sort of mentality has no place in Australia.

“They have completely let their student body down by indoctrinating and brainwashing them.”

2GB/ Hadley: ‘You’re making that up’: Mark Latham drops bombshell on Ray Hadley

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