9News: ‘I don’t really want to live like this’ – (TAS) Police officer in intense pain told there was nothing wrong


When Lauren Cannell was hit by a truck while cycling in 2015, she was left with multiple arm injuries.It wasn’t the first time the police senior sergeant had dealt with such a major health scare, having suffered a brain haemorrhage while at the gym a few years before.And while the 45-year old recovered from both traumas, they marked the beginning of a years-long battle with what experts say is Australia’s biggest health burden – chronic pain. After two years, seeing multiple doctors and even having surgery, she was no closer to recovery.Senior Sergeant Cannell, from Launceston, Tasmania, was in so much pain she admits she was even left wondering if she wanted to live anymore.”I just felt like, ‘if this is what my life’s going to be, I don’t really want to live like this,'” she said.

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