Forbes Advocate: New police officers join ranks

(15 April)

Members of the Forbes Police Station have welcomed three new officers to the station and to town as the Forbes Police Station’s newest officers.

Probationary Constables Matt Kennedy, Hugh Moore and Kiriakos Moawad were welcomed to town over the new year period.

The Forbes Advocate recently caught up with the three Constables to see how their first few months working in Forbes have been.

Constable Kennedy began his career as a police officer at the end of last year and said this type of work has been quite meaningful to him as he always wanted to work in community services and give back to the community

Constable Kennedy spent his younger years living in Sydney and before joining the force, he initially wanted to become a psychologist.

While at university, Constable Kennedy said he decided on a career as a police officer to provide meaningful, on the ground support to members of the community.

He said what the police force do is very unique and he has enjoyed the work so far.

For Constable Moore, moving to Forbes from Sydney was almost a homecoming as his grandfather used to manage a farm in the region.

Before deciding to become a police officer, Constable Moore was a self employed mechanic.

He said a driving factor for the career change was that he wanted to look forward to going to work in a profession that was more reliable.

Constable Moore said he has enjoyed his time working in Forbes so far as it is a good community to work in and provides interesting work.

Becoming a police officer has been a lifelong dream for Constable Moawad.

Moving from Sydney to Forbes, Constable Moawad said he has always wanted to work in a job where he can go out and help those who need it.

Constable Moawad said he is happy to have moved to Forbes and become part of the community.

An interesting part of his job so far, Constable Moawad said, is that each day is different.

There were 194 new probationary constables welcomed state-wide at the end of February

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