The Guardian: Whenever the chance to advocate for higher wages arises, the Morrison government declines

(8 March)



The government and business groups say they want stronger wage growth, but they never do anything that would actually see wages really grow

In a move that will shock no one, the government, which on Wednesday was crowing about the news that the IMF had upgraded its outlook for Australia, is also arguing against any substantial increase in the minimum wage.

As the Australia Institute’s Alison Pennington noted, contradiction is a standard position when the government talks about the economy.

So too is a desire to play the greatest hits of conservative governments – wages can’t grow too fast because we need employment to grow strongly; employment is growing strongly but we need to give employer’s more powers; companies need strong profits because that will flow through to wages, but wages can’t grow too fast …

Round and round it goes even after a period where company profits have grown absolute gangbusters while total wages declined.

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