Tele: The Snitch – Traffic police vent their frustrations on Facebook

A popular Facebook page where traffic cops can anonymously air their grievances is causing a stir in the top ranks of the Traffic and Highway Patrol command.

It’s become a place for traffic cops to air their grievances and bond over a bit of cynicism.

And while this particular Facebook page is soaring in popularity, the authors are causing a stir within the top ranks at the Traffic and Highway Patrol command.

The Traffic Trumpet Facebook page.

The Traffic Trumpet Facebook page.

The page — titled The Traffic Trumpet, there’s nothing like blowing your own horn — has become a forum for officers to take a dig at the policies and decisions of their employer, and engage in niche humour only a copper would get.

There are countless memes poking fun at quotas for random breath tests, the placement of RBTs during peak hour, and human resources minutiae.

One of the posts on the page.

One of the posts on the page.

But there are also a few pot shots at former and serving Traffic and Highway Patrol bosses.

The humour appears to be lost on the NSW Police top brass, who aren’t too pleased with the page and its following.

“Lots of silly stuff and very misinformed,” one senior source said.

The authors operate under a veil of anonymity, but some senior police suspect they know who’s on the keyboard.

However, despite warnings to the rank and file not to engage, The Traffic Trumpet reached more than 3000 likes this week. “The Traffic Trumpet is simply a voice of the frontline, laughing at issues that affect those on the coal face,” one post read.

“And hopefully raising a smile or laugh with shared problems along the way with the knowledge that the silliness isn’t just restricted to one place.”

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