Tele/ Hills Shire Times: Castle Hill policeman Geoff Bracken charged with falsely accusing man of sexual touching

A young cop stationed at a northwest Sydney police station allegedly made a series of false accusations including that another man grabbed his penis.

Policeman Geoff Bracken was charged after he allegedly made false accusations that he was sexually touched, forcibly kissed and grabbed on the penis at Castle Hill.

The 22-year-old constable, who is still employed with NSW Police, was charged with making false accusations with intending to subject others to an investigation at Castle Hill on December 9.

Police documents tendered to Parramatta Local Court on Wednesday reveal Constable Bracken, of Kellyville, accused Tye Davies to be the subject of an investigation despite knowing he was innocent of the offence.

He faced a second charge of falsely presenting to police an act that resulted in a police investigation on the same date at Castle Hill between 6pm and 9pm.

Mr Davies was not charged after the investigation.

The papers allege Mr Bracken typed a witness statement to police that “he was sexually touched’’, “ forcibly kissed on the mouth and forcibly grabbed on the penis by a Mr Tye Davies’’ and “called for an investigation by a member of the police force’’.

At court, Mr Bracken was not required to attend and the matter was adjourned to April 22

He remains employed and NSW Police said “the officer is being managed in the workplace”.

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