Tele: Kogarah dance studio rapist dies in prison of cancer

Convicted rapist Anthony Sampieri, who raped a seven-year-old girl in a terrifying attack inside a public toilet at a Sydney dance studio, has died in prison.

Sampieri was being held in isolation at Long Bay Prison Hospital and receiving treatment for liver cancer at the time of his death.

Sampieri filmed himself raping the seven-year-old girl who he had bound and choked in the bathroom of a dance studio in Kogarah in November 2018 after consuming the drug ice.

He was sentenced to life in prison for the brutal attack.

The 56-year-old pleaded guilty to 10 charges related to the rape, including three counts of having sexual intercourse with a child and seven charges related to sexually explicit and harassing phone calls he made to women in the weeks before the attack.

In November 2018, he was out on parole and high on ice when he wandered into the Kogarah dance studio and grabbed the young girl.

He punched her in the face, threatened her with a knife, tied a cord around her neck and then raped her in the men’s toilet cubicle for 40 minutes.

A court heard Sampieri filmed at least four-and-a-half minutes of the attack on a mobile phone.

Parents attending a class down the hall searched for the girl and eventually saved her after bashing down the door of the toilet.

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