Tele/ Manly Daily: Christopher Busetti throws schooner glass from 3rd floor of Manly’s Hotel Steyne

A man who tossed a beer glass from the third floor of a popular Sydney pub on to a street crowded with Friday night revellers, has appeared in court.

The schooner glass hurled by Christopher Busetti, 23, of Dee Why, from the roof top bar at Hotel Steyne in Manly smashed closed to a group of people queuing to get into the pub.

It also shattered close to police officers from the specialised North West Operations Group patrolling The Corso on the lookout for anti-social behaviour.

Manly Local Court heard on Wednesday that Busetti, who works in marketing, pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated deposit litter for throwing the glass while seated at a table with a mate at about 1am on February 6.

Papers tendered in court stated that the littering offence was “aggravated” because the “manner in which the litter was deposited was likely to harm persons”.

The Operations Group officers were in Manly as part of Operation Summer Safe, organised by police to crack down on night time anti-social behaviour across the northern beaches.

In a facts sheet tendered to court police stated that over the previous “few weekends there had been a trend of patrons throwing glasses, clothing and other items from the roof top bar, on the balcony, at patrons below”.

In the facts sheet police stated that officers saw the glass come from the direction of the roof top bar and smash near people on The Corso.

Police and management immediately looked at security camera footage and identified Busetti.

“You can clearly observe the accused throw a schooner glass over the railing of the roof top bar,” police stated.

“The accused has then looked over the balcony at the location where the schooner glass has landed.”

Busetti was arrested and hotel management immediately banned him for a year.

The court heard that if the glass had struck a person it “could have caused significant injuries”.

Magistrate Bruce Williams asked Busetti about the incident: “What were you doing?”

“It was a really silly act,” Busetti replied.

“I didn’t mean any harm to anyone.

“I had a quick look over before I threw it so I didn’t hit anyone”.

Busetti said he had written a letter of apology to the hotel’s management.

Mr William placed Busetti on a Conditional Release Order to not commit any offences in the next 12 months.

He did not record a conviction.

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