Tele/ Penrith Press: Alleged Penrith cocaine dealer is son of ex senior cop

An accused drug kingpin who is the son of an ex-senior police officer has had his bid for freedom denied after he was allegedly found with more than half a million dollars in his car boot.

Gregory Raymond Brain, 35, of Cambridge Park, was refused bail at Penrith Local Court on Thursday after being charged with a string of drug supply offences.

Police allege Brain was the head of a large-scale commercial drug supply ring in western Sydney with interstate links.

The tradie appeared at court via audio-visual link in a high-vis shirt after being arrested on Wednesday after months of police surveillance.

His mother and his father, Wayne Brain, who is a former sergeant with the NSW Police Force, supported him in the courtroom.

The couple offered $6 million in surety for the release of their son on bail and were prepared to forfeit their multimillion-dollar property portfolio, along with a deposit of $150,000, the court heard.

Brain’s defence also put forward a list of 18 strict bail conditions in his release application.

Police allege Brain was the “principal” of a large cocaine operation and was involved in supplying amounts of the drug, more than the large commercial quantity, to a lower-level dealer.

Undercover police had Brain under physical and electronic surveillance since September 2020 and allegedly had obtained covert phone recordings and copies of text messages as evidence of drug transactions.

During his arrest, police allege a whooping $556,000 in cash was found in the boot of his car.

Police further allege the supply ring had possible links to Queensland, which were being investigated.

Magistrate James Gibson dismissed defence claims that evidence from police surveillance operations was weak.

“It seems to be an overwhelming case,” Mr Gibson said.

“There is physical monitoring of the exchange of drugs.

“He will likely receive a lengthy full-time custodial sentence if he was convicted.”

Brain was refused bail and will return to court in May.

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