6PR : WA Police Commissioner slams new research on pill testing

WA’s top cop has ruled out pill testing in the state despite new research revealing it wouldn’t increase the use of drugs at music festivals.

The research by Edith Cowan University found pill-testing services at Western Australian music festivals would not change people’s intention to take ecstasy.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson told 6PR’s Gareth Parker he thinks it’s “a load of rubbish”.

“We are not going to be doing any endorsement of drug quality testing for illegal drug dealing,” he said.

“Drugs are illegal for a reason, cause they kill people.”

The controversial measure was trialed after five Australians died from overdoses during the 2019 festival season, but was ultimately rejected by the state government.

The Police Commissioner said there is an “exacting science” to analyzing drugs and doesn’t believe pill testing will make festivals safer.

“I have discussed it will all of the Australasian Police Commissioners, we are all at one on this, as are all of our chemical scientists that do the analysis,” he said.

“You can’t pull one pill apart and have any certainty that that is going to be the exact same composition as any other pill.”

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