Gloucester Advocate: Gloucester Police Station changed its phone number

 Gloucester Police Station changed its phone number and forgot to tell the community

Gloucester Police Station changed its phone number and forgot to tell the community

It appears Gloucester Police Station has a new phone number and the community is the last to know about it. There was a posted pinned to the Manning-Great Lakes Police District Facebook at 7am on February 22, the day the change took place.ADVERTISING

According to the post, the change has occurred due to an internet upgrade.

“With the rollout of NBN across Australia the technology used to support your current phone/fax number is being shut down. Unfortunately it is not possible to reuse the current numbers; hence new numbers have been allocated,” the post said.

By reading the comments, the original notification indicated the change took place in January, a month before the post went up. This information was quickly corrected to reflect to correct date.

Other than the post and a laminated sign on the door of the station on the day of the change, it seems NSW Police haven’t attempted to let the community know. Unfortunately, not all residents in the Gloucester region have internet access, use Facebook or follow the police page.

When asked how the community had been notified, a NSW Police spokesperson said the old Gloucester number will be redirected to the new number for two months while the community adjusts to the change.

“This change is due to technology upgrades which are beyond the control of the NSW Police Force,” the spokesperson said.

“Officers from Manning-Great Lakes PD will continue to engage with the Gloucester community and neighbouring suburbs over the next two months to ensure they are informed of the phone number change.

“New signage for the station with the updated contact information has also been ordered to further inform the public.”

Although Gloucester Police Station isn’t manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the phone number does link the community to the base in Taree. The number is generally used for non-urgent matters.

The community are reminded to call triple zero (000) in the case of a life-threatening situation.

Gloucester Police Station’s phone number is 02 5594 8420.

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