Tele/ Newcastle News: Maryland siege – Kaillin Clancy threatened police with a knife and shot a gel-gun at officers

Kaillin James Clancy opened the bedroom shutters and constantly tapped a kitchen knife on the window.

The 31-year-old was taunting police, in what he later admitted was an act he hoped would induce them to shoot him dead, according to police facts.

Clancy had flown into a rage after an argument with his partner at their home in Maryland on the morning of July 2nd last year, and starting acting erratically.

Police facts said he grabbed hold of her and shock her for five seconds before smashing her mobile phone on the tiles.

This is when she took refuge upstairs with another woman and two children before police were called.

Clancy went into the kitchen to grab four knives before heading into the bedroom as police vehicles started to swarm the house.

“I want to die, I want to f**king die,” he yelled at police as he waved a 20cm knife through the window, warning them against entering.

For the next two hours he kept police at bay as they cordoned off the area and started negotiating with the father-of-two, as family members watched on.

At one point he live-streamed the siege to his Facebook account, but that was quickly taken down by authorities.

Police facts said Clancy also threatened police with a gel-gun before shooting two officers as they ran for cover, thinking it was a machine gun.

“Gonna start stabbing mother f**kers,” he said according to court documents.

But eventually Clancy just threw the gun and a number of knives out the window before giving himself up.

He walked out of the front door completely naked and was arrested.

In an interview, Clancy told police he began firing in hope they would kill him, but later apologised for his actions.

When asked why he ended it, he simply replied, “I just realised I was carrying on like a f**kwit” he said according to police facts.

Court documents also revealed Clancy suffered from a number of long standing mental health conditions and had ceased taking his medication the previous year.

He has pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting police, firing a firearm likely to injure persons, use of an unauthorised prohibited firearm and a charge of armed with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Other charges taken into account on sentencing will be common assault, intentionally or recklessly destroy or damage property and not keep a firearm safely. A charge of discharge a firearm with intent to resist arrest was withdrawn.

In Newcastle District Court on Thursday Clancy — who is John Morony Correctional Centre — didn’t appear via video link, but was given a sentence date set for May.

The court heard he maintained his guilty pleas and the facts were agreed upon.

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