Tele: Bra Boy has avoided jail time after assaulting an insta-famous assistant police commissioner’s daughter

A Bra Boy has avoided jail time after assaulting an insta-famous assistant police commissioner’s daughter and her international rugby league playing boyfriend.

Maxwell John McGuigan, 20, was sentenced to a two-year good behaviour bond in Waverley court on Thursday after pleading guilty to two charges of common assault earlier this year.

The Bondi lifeguard was charged by police after assaulting NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Leanne McCusker’s daughter Charli and her boyfriend Joshua Ralph in Bondi on Sunday June 21, 2020.

He pleaded guilty to both charges.

Magistrate Carolyn Huntsman said McGuigan, a big wave surfer, escaped jail time and a criminal conviction due to his age rather than sporting prowess or standing in the community.

“The fact you have a sporting career is not a matter that will lead to a less severe penalty,” she said.

“I will give you a chance today because of your young age to avoid conviction but I do not excuse your behaviour. You will be placed on a conditional release order without conviction … to be of good behaviour for two years.”

She added that the community was tired of the treatment of women like Ms McCusker who had been “berated” by McGuigan because of a previous relationship with his friend.

“That‘s not very good is it for someone to be berated when they are out and about, is it? Making someone feel criticised because of a previous relationship and being hounded by a couple of boys is no exception, and she had already indicated you should go away and you and your mate kept coming – not acceptable,” she said.”

The agreed facts stated McGuigan and a friend taunted Ms McCusker about a previous relationship when Mr Ralph and another friend entered Hotel Bondi.

After spending 10 minutes at the pub, where Ms McCusker was yelled at by McGuigan and his friend, she said she wanted to leave as she felt uncomfortable.

McGuigan and his friend followed them outside the pub where a scuffle between the men began. Ms McCusker tried to intervene but was knocked to the ground after Mr Ralph was pushed by McGuigan.

The men kept grabbing and pushing each other and throwing punches down Curlewis St. McGuigan then grabbed hold of Mr Ralph around the shoulder and neck in a headlock and flipped him to the ground.

They were all separated by bystanders.

During a police interview following the incident, McGuigan admitted he pushed Mr Ralph initially because he “was angry” and the rest of the interactions were due self-defence.

McGuigan’s mother, Lisa McGuigan, was the first Australian Iron Woman and the big wave surfer said he initially dreamt of following in her footsteps.

The 20-year-old Chifley man continued surfing after a stellar junior career which saw him compete as a top contender at the Carve Pro, Rip Curl Pro and win the 2017 Woolworths NSW State Junior Surfing Titles.

A friend of McGuigan‘s told The Daily Telegraph he was a Bra Boy and often surfs big breaks around Maroubra. He also has a Bra Boys tattoo on his lower back.

Ms McCusker runs her own business called Styled By Charli which allows women to rent designer clothes and accessories.

She said the business offers “all Australian women the opportunity to wear beautiful designer dresses without the hefty price-tag, it also encourages environmental sustainability through its re-usage system.”

Mr Ralph, aged 23, has played Rugby League in the Queensland Cup and represented Wales in the 2017 World Cup.

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