Tele: Civilian NSWPF employee charged with domestic violence

A NSW Police communications expert charged with DV assault on his estranged wife told a court his situation was “all about my wife not giving me access to visit my son”.

Civilian NSW Police Force employee Glenn Darren Roche told Fairfield Court “it’s horrible what’s occurring’’ after he was charged with a domestic violence offence on his wife on the NSW south coast.

Mr Roche, who has been suspended with pay as a communications operator with a specialist command, was arrested at Fairfield on Tuesday about 3.30pm following an alleged verbal altercation with the 31-year-old woman at Ulladulla in December.

Police allege the 54-year-old Lansvale man assaulted her and he was charged with common assault (domestic violence) and granted conditional bail.

At Fairfield Court on Friday, Mr Roche got emotional when he told the court:

“It’s all about my wife not giving me access to visit my son.’’

He said the alleged incident occurred after he was driving and stopped to hug his son and his wife made allegations against him.

“I still love her. It’s horrible what’s occurring,’’ he said.

“I’ve gone to a family lawyer and prior to that I’ve gone to Relationships Australia.’’

He said an AVO was in place but when the matter was adjourned to Nowra Court next month his wife would ask for a lift to the south coast.

“She won’t be able to get there,’’ he said. “She doesn’t drive.’’

Registrar Fabienne Blancquart reminded him he was to abide by the AVO and not to drive her.

“I know it’s difficult but that’s the way things work,’’ she said.

The matter will go to Nowra Court on March 26.

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