Tele: Former policeman Troy Barnes accused of being an Australian Army impersonator

A former cop allegedly boasted about eating with Afghan warlords, jumping from planes and knowing characters depicted in a Hollywood film.

Former senior constable Troy Daniel Barnes is facing 29 charges of impersonating military personnel and allegations that involved using images of two dead soldiers, a court has heard.

The 31-year-old Bradbury man, who resigned from his position with a NSW Police specialist command in September, was arrested at home on Christmas Eve when Professional Standard Command officers allegedly seized an Australian Army dress uniform and mobile phones.

The raid was made after the command started an investigation that led him to be charged with Commonwealth impersonation offences.

Court documents allege Mr Barnes falsely claimed to be a commando, an elite Australian Army combat veteran after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and that he showed a man footage of him claiming to be jumping from aeroplanes, including a Hercules, in Afghanistan.

Police allege he falsely claimed to have eaten with Afghanistan warlords to arrange safe passage from one part of the country to another, witnessed the death of a woman carrying a child during crossfire in Afghanistan and that he was involved in helicopter crashes including in Shah Wali Kot.

Police allege Mr Barnes told a woman he knew several individuals depicted in war action film 12 Strong, while he also told her he was forced to change his phone number every six months because of security concerns that arose from him killing people in conflict.

Police allege Mr Barnes showed a man footage of a firefight which led to the death of an Afghan national, allegedly claiming it was him in the conflict.

On other occasions, police allege he claimed to be a member of the Commandos Hit Squad deployed in Afghanistan and that he showed a man night vision goggles which he used to fight, ambush and aid in the killing of the Taliban.

He allegedly produced a photo an assault rifle and told a man it was the rifle he used in the war.

The court papers reveal that Mr Barnes made false statements about serving Australia on three tours of Afghanistan.

The papers also reveal he allegedly claimed to have been decorated with an Afghanistan Medal, Australian Active Service Medal, Australian Active Defence Medal, Non-Article 5 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Medal, the Infantry Combat Badge, a Soldier’s Medallion for Exemplary Service and an Army Individual Readiness Notification Badge.

Troy Barnes allegedly made false claims about being a decorated, elite war veteran after multiple tours of Afghanistan. Picture: Defence Department

Mr Barnes was charged with eight counts of representing himself as a person having been conferred service medal and 21 counts of falsely representing to be a returned soldier/sailor/airman. The offences occurred at Sydney Olympic Park between January and September last year.

Mr Barnes’ case was briefly mentioned at Parramatta Local Court on February 12, before it was adjourned to April 30.

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