Goulburn Post: Goulburn police officer successfully appeals assault conviction

A police officer convicted of assaulting a man at Goulburn Police Station has successfully appealed the decision.

Senior Constable Jeames Iain Murray, 38, of Crookwell, was convicted in relation to the assault of an 18-year-old male at Goulburn Police Station on January 12, 2019. Murray was found guilty of two counts of assault at Goulburn Local Court on October 20, 2020.

At Goulburn District Court on February 16 Judge Mark Williams found that there was a “significant quantity of evidence” that the victim had resisted, and “appropriate force” was used by Murray.

The judge said the key in the case was “in an answer given [by Murray] when he gave evidence”.

Judge Williams presented to the court that Murray said the CCTV footage relied upon by the prosecution: “It can show you what happened but it cannot tell you what I was experiencing at the time”.

Judge Williams upheld the appeal and set aside the convictions.

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