St George & Sutherland Shire Leader: Cyclist saved by off-duty firefighters and police after suffering cardiac arrest

A cyclist, who suffered a cardiac arrest while riding near Woronora Bridge, was lucky off-duty firefighters and police were passing by.

The man, 58, was on the cycle track near the bridge on Sunday morning when he collapsed.

“An off-duty Fire & Rescue NSW officer was driving past and saw the patient collapsed and went to his aid,” Sutherland Shire Police Area Command reported.

“A further two cars stopped to give aid – another off-duty Fire and Rescue officer and an off-duty police officer.

“CPR was performed whist waiting for ambulance to attend.

“The patient, John, was conveyed to Sutherland Hospital and is recovering.

“John’s family are obviously very happy with the outcome, so a big thank you to Chris, Peter, and Tenille for their life saving work.”

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