Tele/ Manly Daily: Ben Tierney – Manly Friday night mayhem after cop decked by ‘haymaker’

Shocked onlookers witnessed mayhem in Manly on a busy Friday night when a man made a run for it after knocking a police officer out cold with a ‘haymaker’ punch, Manly Local Court has heard.

After Ben Stuart Tierney sucker punched the officer outside a popular nightclub on North Steyne he made his desperate 200m dash for freedom, chased by other police.

Tierney, who has pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers, bolted through the crowds along the The Corso, near Hotel Steyne and New Brighton hotels, before turning into Sydney Rd at about 10.30pm on January 22.

The unemployed 45-year-old from Manly was so keen to escape the law that he even tried to pull open the door of a moving taxi on Sydney Rd.

He was eventually overpowered and arrested by a number of officers as the cab drove off without him.

Tierney was in Manly Local Court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to one count of assault police officer in execution of duty causing actual bodily harm and one count of assaulting a police officer.

The Court had previously been told at the time of those offences, Tierney was out on bail on two other separate serious charges — affray and carry cutting weapon (tailor’s scissors) upon apprehension. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

A facts sheet tendered to court showed that Tierney had started talking to two male senior constables who were conducting licensing checks on pubs and bars.

When they were near the Steyne, Tierney started asking the police a series of “random nonsense questions” before the officers walked away toward the front of the Tropikana bar on North Steyne.

As he followed them he shouted “you lied, you lied in the box … you lied giving evidence”.

The officers began talking to a security guard outside the bar as Tierney approached shouting “I don’t care that you’re a f***ing cop” before slapping one of them to the side of the face.

Tierney then “loaded up a kick and, with all his body weight, kicked the left knee of (the victim),” the facts sheet stated.

“The accused has loaded up his left fist in a haymaker-style punch and swung it at the victim, connecting with the left side of the face, causing him to instantly become unconscious and fall to the ground.”

Police said the officer was caught by his colleague before his head hit the ground.

Tierney then took a roundhouse swing at the second officer, who ducked, and then took off running towards The Corso.

Police said the injured officer was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital where he was treated for the concussion and a knee injury.

Tierney’s Legal Aid solicitor told the court that his police record showed that “he has a long history of mental health issues”.

Magistrate Bruce Williams ordered that a psychiatric report be completed before Tierney, who did not apply for bail, is back in Manly Local Court for sentencing on March 24.

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