2GB: From the track to the beat: NSW Police’s finest new recruit

AUDIO + video: https://www.2gb.com/from-the-track-to-the-beat-nsw-polices-finest-new-recruit/

The NSW Mounted Police have a new recruit, who has changed careers from racing. 

Duke, a bay thoroughbred horse, had a relatively unsuccessful career, having won only one race.

Racing NSW COO Graeme Hinton told Deborah Knight the mounted police took Duke on for his calm nature and is now “thriving”.

The thoroughbred has even gained attention for picking up new skills as a stable hand (see below).

Duke was rehomed as part of a program run by Racing NSW to find new owners for retired thoroughbreds.

“We want to see every thoroughbred horse when it finishes racing, we want to see it find a new home,” said Mr Hinton.

“They’ll come to us and we’ll retrain them and we’ll find them homes if their owners are unable to.”

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