9 News: Queensland’s Police Commissioner looks back on 2020

Queeensland’s Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll has spoken to 9News about the twists and turns of her second year in office.

Commissioner Carroll had to tackle more than most in her position would in an entire tenure during 2020, including police border closures, lockdown and social distancing.

With the border checkpoints back up and running, Commissioner Carroll told 9News there were lessons learnt from the original closures.

“We always thought when we pulled the borders down there may be an occasion where we would have to put them back up again,” she said.”

There are always things you learn about the declaration forms, for instance, or the passes we have.”The Commssioner said her officers were up to the challenge again next year and praised their efforts in policing difficult coronavirus policies.”

I think the highlight – and I’ve put some thought into this – is the way we’ve policed with the community,” she told 9News.


But despite a lot of success stories, the Commissioner was disappointed by the amount of attacks on police.

In 2020, more than 2000 officers were attacked, abused or bashed while on the frontline.”This year has been very disappointing,” she said.”It is completely unacceptable.”

Commissioner Carroll said in 2021 tackling the “extraordinarily challenging” issue of rising juvenile crime will be at the top of the agenda.”

Just because we have these children, doesn’t mean we can give up on them,” she said.”We have seen success in them.”

The Commissioner will have one day off over the break before returning to her job of keeping Queenslanders safe.

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