Cowra Guardian: Cowra Police Station welcomes new sergeant

Cowra Police have welcomed a new face among their ranks.

Sergeant Donny Sproh joined the team at Cowra Police Station a few weeks ago after transferring from Wentworth, a small community in far west NSW near the Victorian and South Australian border.

Sergeant Sproh said the move was a new opportunity for him.

“When I was out at Wentworth, I was only a senior constable and made it through the promotion system, which allowed me to take the role here,” he said.

“It’s a little bit different to where I’ve been, the role is a little bit different but I’m enjoying the challenge and looking forward to at least the next few years here at Cowra.”

Sergeant Sproh said he was keen to meet the Cowra community and has enjoyed meeting his new colleagues.

“I’ve concentrated on trying to learn the ins and outs of Cowra itself and the police station here,” he said.

“Over next couple of weeks I hope to have the opportunity to get out and about and meet a lot of people in the community.

“Great bunch of people here at Cowra, I look forward to working with them and alongside them over the next few years.”

He said he is looking forward to his time in Cowra.

“There was a few places on offer at the time and my family is back in western Sydney so this gets us closer to them,” Sergeant Sproh said.

“It was 11 hours drive and now it’s three, so much nicer.”

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