Tele/ The Dubbo News: Bleed 4 Blue blood drive: Dubbo police get jabbed

Sick and injured colleagues are front of mind for Dubbo police who are rolling up their sleeves as part of a major battle with counterparts from across NSW.

A group of committed cops in Dubbo are rolling up their sleeves, kicking back and donating their blood as part of an annual challenge to boost supplies for the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood service.

The Bleed 4 Blue Blood Challenge was started by the NSW Police Force three years ago after Detective Sergeant John Breda was stabbed at Maroubra Junction Hotel in 2018 while arresting a man and needed 100 bags of blood to survive.

Dubbo-based Senior Constable Jan Colbran said the challenge saw police from commands and districts across the state battle it out to see who could donate the most blood.

“We’ve won a couple of the local awards for the most blood donations,” she said.

“It’s motivational for the staff and it’s good for morale building to be able to go down and donate together.”

It’s not just Det-Sgt John Breda who’s at the forefront of the local cops minds when they’re donating, Senior Constable Colbran says.

“One of our colleagues here has needed a significant amount of blood products from an illness that he suffered,” Senior Constable Colbran said.

“He’s very grateful for those donations because they saved his life.”

Attending accident scenes and seeing the need for blood first-hand is also what motivates officers to give.

“Although it’s rare, there are times where we actually have to do blood runs to smaller hospitals,” Senior Constable Colbran said.

Taking part in initiatives like Bleed 4 Blue is one of many ways police in Dubbo give back to the communities they work in, because according to Senior Constable Colbran “it’s all about service”.

“The station does a Christmas toy drive, there’s a tree in the muster room where staff can bring in presents to put under. The toys go to the hospitals.

“My son’s appendix burst and he was actually in hospital one Christmas and he got one of those presents and it just makes their day.”

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