Fairfield City Champion: Three major crime categories on the decline in Fairfield

Robbery with a weapon – not a firearm (down 28.6 per cent), steal from motor vehicle (down 19.6 per cent) and malicious damage to property (down 11.8 per cent) have declined in Fairfield in the two years to September 2020.

The latest crime data from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) revealed crime rates in Fairfield remained stable or declined in all 17 major criminal offences in the 24-months to September.

It’s the second straight quarter malicious damage to property has declined in Fairfield.

Across NSW, 11 major crime categories saw a decrease, five remained stable and sexual assault rose by 10 per cent.

BOCSAR executive director Jackie Fitzgerald said the increase in sexual assault is due to a rise in contemporary child sexual assault reporting.

“Non-domestic assault is now only slightly below 2019 levels,” she said. “By contrast, in quarter three of 2020, break and enter – dwelling was 33 per cent below equivalent 2019 figures, car theft was 17 per cent lower and retail theft was 34 per cent lower.”

Police and Emergency Services Minister David Elliott said: “This year the NSW Police Force has worked hard to protect our state from unprecedented challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, bushfires and floods, but they have also seen successes in keeping our communities safer from crime across the state.”

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