Cowra Guardian: Liquor Accord, police call for compliance at pubs and clubs

With the silly season upon us, and COVID-19 restrictions easing, Cowra’s Liquor Accord is calling on patrons to co-operate with staff at pubs and clubs.

As of Monday, December 7, the “four square metre” social distancing rule changed to two square metres, with gyms and nightclubs the only exceptions.

There will also be no caps on patron numbers at hospitality venues.

Standing in outdoor hospitality venues will be permitted and up to 50 people can be on a dancefloor at any one time.

Cowra Liquor Accord member and Officer in charge of Cowra Police, Inspector Adam Beard said there will be an increased police presence at pubs and clubs.

“Police warn that patrols through licensed premises will be on the increase as the festive season approaches, and COVID-19 restrictions ease,” Inspector Beard said.

“Local licensed premises are working hard to open their doors and comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

“They deserve the cooperation of patrons to ensure that they comply with the instructions of staff at all times.”

Inspector Beard said patrons who don’t comply with the rules are putting themselves and the venues at risk.

“Licensed premises staff may be liable to strong penalties if licensing legislation and COVID-19 restrictions are not adhered to,” Inspector Beard said.

“Patrons who do not do as asked may be refused service or asked to leave the premises.”

Inspector Beard said despite the easing of restrictions, patrons must do their part in observing guidelines.

“As life slowly returns to normality, we must continue to observe health guidelines, otherwise risk the return to lockdowns and more restrictive measures,” he said.

“Police are working with the local Liquor Accord to ensure that a consistent approach to COVID-19 restrictions is adopted throughout all licensed premises, but we need the community’s cooperation.”

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