Goulburn Post: Community welcomes new officers to the Hume Police District

Four new police officers have joined the Hume Police District after attesting at the Sydney Cricket Ground on December 4.

As a result, the Southern Highlands and Goulburn have both gained two new police officers.

The recruits were officially welcomed to the Goulburn Police Station on December 10. A small group of senior officers, family and VIPs gathered to wish them well as they started their careers.

Probationary Constable Cameron Clarson, who grew up in Exeter, and Probationary Constable Matthew Taylor, from Canberra, will join the team at Goulburn Police Station.

Officer in charge of Goulburn Police Station Inspector Matthew Hinton welcomed the two boys in blue and offered advice.

“Policing is all about community,” he said.

“Listen to more experienced officers around you and take in as much as you possibly can.”

He advised the young recruits would be faced with some “shocking situations” but it was important to “lean on experienced police officers to help with learning over the next 12 months”.

Hume MP Wendy Tuckerman, a former police officer herself, congratulated the recruits.

“Policing is probably one of the most difficult jobs there is,” she said.

Ms Tuckerman said that while there would be “ups and downs”, policing was “a wonderful job”.

“Keep your arms around your family and make sure you’re okay.”

On behalf of the community mayor Bob Kirk welcomed the probationary constables to Goulburn.

“I’m sure you’ll find your experience here enjoyable,” he said.

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