9 News: Victoria Police officer lost to suicide helping others in need through technology

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The wife and sons of a police officer who died by suicide have given permission for his face to be used in a futuristic campaign that allows the Melbourne father to talk to his former colleagues about seeking help for mental heath.Belinda Bozykowski said Senior Constable Laurie Fox had been planning for his future with “not an inkling” of a problem on the morning he took his own life on New Year’s Eve in 2012.But by the afternoon he was “really struggling” and after a final agitated phone call he was dead, leaving behind his sons, Charlie and Henry.The former tactical intelligence officer’s story is not unique, with more than 20 Victoria Police members dying by suicide in the last seven years.

The troubling statistic prompted Victoria Police to think out of the box to address the mental health of those working in the force.Using “deepfake” technology, Senior Constable Fox has been brought back to life and candidly discusses the challenges he faced overcoming mental illness.

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