Tele: Police Commander sexually harassed injured officer: watchdog

The police watchdog in NSW has found a senior officer sexually harassed a junior female officer during a visit to her home in 2019.

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission has recommended NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller consider sacking the male police Commander and overhauling the rules around welfare checks done on injured police.

“The Commission found that the complaint of sexual harassment was sustained and amounted to serious misconduct by the Commander,” the LECC announced today.

“Allegations of the Commander lying to work colleagues and acting in a manner inconsistent with the NSW Police Force Code of Conduct and Ethics were also sustained and found to constitute serious misconduct.”

The woman sent two emails to her senior officers claiming inappropriate physical contact.

A report tabled to state parliament by the LECC today said the female officer was off work in 2018 due to a long-running back injury sustained in the force.

The Commander, who joined NSW Police in 1988 and denies the allegations, had known and worked with the woman for some years.

The Commander and another officer were scheduled to attend the woman’s home in early September 2019 which, unbeknown to her, was for the purpose of informing her there were no positions available in the force and she would be “transitioned towards a medical discharge”.

Before that meeting the Commander messaged the officer asking if she had time for a “visitor” and he arrived at the home around 5pm to discuss the meeting which had been scheduled.

The following day the woman sent two emails to her senior officers claiming inappropriate physical contact” by the Commander when he visited her home.


Operation Coolum — Law Enforcement Conduct Commission

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