Tele: The Snitch – Off-duty cop allegedly assaulted after man tries to dodge carpark charge

A man has been charged with assaulting an off-duty police officer after he allegedly rammed the cop’s car trying to tailgate him to avoid paying a carpark fee.

Occasionally we like to delve into the (alleged) dumb crooks file.

And today we bring you the work of a man who allegedly tried to tailgate a car out of a parking station to avoid paying.

According to police, things went awry for the 25-year-old when he allegedly accelerated too keenly and ran up the back of the car in front. It got even worse for him when it turned out the driver of the car he hit was an off-duty cop.

So why our alleged parking fee evader would then mouth off at the cop and allegedly sock him on the nose is anyone’s guess.

The probationary constable was pulling out of the International Convention Centre carpark at Darling Harbour just after midnight on Friday. As he drove out of the boomgate, he noticed a Toyota Corolla tailgating him.

Police allege the man tried to sneak out without coughing up parking fees but ended up rear-ending the constable’s Volkswagon Golf.

When the constable got out and told him to pay up like everyone else, he allegedly lost it and punched the 22-year-old junior officer in the face. The constable fell to the ground while the man drove off.

The constable’s colleagues got there quickly enough to nab the man around the corner.

He spent Saturday in the cells after being charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

All for the cost of a car park.

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