Unions NSW: Workers protest as Premier’s public sector cuts hurt

Workers will today protest Premier Berejiklian’s cruel decision to cut the pay of nurses, paramedics, cleaners, firefighters and other public sector workers – a decision which will slow the State’s economic recovery.

The Premier has also failed to rule out job cuts as the State tries to claw its way back from the worst crisis in a generation.

Today outside the New South Wales parliament, workers will protest the State Budget, which fails to put NSW on the fast track to recovery by cutting pay and also imposing a stingy 1.5 per cent cap on public sector pay rises.

Workers will meet to protest at the Domain at 12:00 noon on Monday, 16 November 2020.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Morey said:

“Premier Berejklian’s decision to cut wages is a slap in the face for public sector workers after the most challenging year of their lives. But this is also a reckless economic decision which will impact negatively on us all.

“Nurses, paramedics, cleaners, teachers, police and contact tracers are containing COVID-19 and keeping the State on track. Gladys Berejiklian should be making a clear statement about how her Government intends to maintain jobs and create new ones in NSW.

“Our public sector workers work hard to look after us. They deserve a Premier who will look after them.”

One in 10 of NSW workers are employed in the public sector. The decision to cut their pay and not guarantee no job losses harms not only those at the frontline of our COVID 19 response, but all of us.

“Rewarding our public sector workers with a reasonable pay increase would have been the quickest, most efficient way to have achieved economic stimulus. By failing to invest in our public sector workforce, the Liberals are throttling the economic recovery.

“The Reserve Bank has cut interest rates to record lows and the federal Government has unleashed a torrent of stimulus. Yet Dominic Perrottet and Gladys Berejiklian think it’s time to cut the wages of modestly paid workers. This is maddeningly stupid.

“NSW deserves better.”

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