Tele: NSW detectives to get silver version of New York gold badge

The new-look shield is aimed at giving extra recognition to the state’s detectives and follows discussions dating back to 2003.

Detectives in NSW will now be issued with a silver badge similar to the gold shield given to their famed New York City counterparts.

The new badges will start being handed out this month to the first class of detectives to graduate in more than a year.

“This idea of a badge for detectives was first discussed in 2003 during a review of the detectives course, but is now a reality,” Deputy Police Commissioner David Hudson said. “Recently, another review of the detectives course was conducted by retired assistant commissioner Peter Dein and improvements were added.”

Mr Hudson said it was then decided an additional form of recognition would go with the new course.

“It is a changing world and the improved course reflects that with additional courses offered in areas like cyber crime, child exploitation and counter terrorism.

“This badge recognises the work and professionalism that we believe is world standard.

“The detectives and plain clothes police officers will use them as a form of identification.”

The new badge has been in development for almost two years, undergoing durability testing, various operational trials and field tests before being approved by Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

There are currently more than 2600 detectives across the state who in time will receive the designated badges.

Mr Hudson is in charge of more than 1100 detectives across the State Crime Command, which consists of elite squads such as Homicide, Criminal Groups, Robbery and Serious Crime, Sex and Cyber Crimes, as well as the Counter-Terrorism Unit.

There are only spots for 200 officers to graduate to detective each year.

“There is a lot of competition to get into the detectives squad, which just makes those candidates who succeed all the better,” Mr Hudson said.

“Our detectives and our force is recognised as one of the best in the world.” The full implementation of the revamped course, coupled with the problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, meant there had been a delay in the graduation of detectives in the past year.

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