2GB: Former top cop says we’ll never stamp out underbelly crime gangs

Audio: https://omny.fm/shows/the-drive-program/sydneys-underbelly-crime-war-former-nsw-deputy-pol

Sydney is in the grip of an underbelly crime war with police concerned there will be further bloodshed.

The latest attack comes with the brazen daytime shooting of Majid Hamzy, brother of a notorious gangster, three weeks ago.

Former NSW Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas told Jim Wilson he doubts police will every be able to stamp out organsied crime altogether.

“But certainly, police do have an impact and they protect the community.

“I think it’s worthwhile comparing Sydney and Australia to what happens in other … western countries.

“We’re actually doing very well; crime rates continue to be either stable, at a very low level or dropping.”

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